Jan 03 2015

Can You Buy Co-Codamol Over the Counter?

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Prescription painkillers like Co-Codamol and Codeine are easy to obtain, especially if you have that golden prescription from your doctor or can get one from an online doctor. Painkillers are useful for individuals who have suffered extreme injuries or who have gone through severe surgeries or have chronic diseases like arthritis. The reason behind this is that most painkillers, which are also known as opiates, work to suppress the receptor cells in your brain and spinal cord. When these receptor cells are suppressed, your body’s ability experience pain is severely reduced.

The trouble with painkillers is that they can easily be revoked when your doctor decides that you don’t need them anymore. As a result, you may be wondering if you can buy Co-Codamol online and hkow that works in different countries. Below is an overview of that exact issue.



Over-the-counter drugs are those that are most commonly found in most households. These drugs can be characterized as ibuprofen, aspirin, and many others that are used to help relieve short term and mild pain. To attain these drugs, all you really need to do is pick it up at the store and purchase it. The establishment will never ask you for a prescription.

On the other and, buying serious painkillers is a different situation. When you are looking for painkillers like Co-Codamol or Codeine, stores in the US will never sell you the product without a prescription. The reason behind this is that the pharmacy does not want to take liability for providing you with a medication that should only be given under a medical professional’s supervision. Without a prescription, it is easy to infer that you don’t have the supervision of your medical professional. On the other hand, in the UK the situation is different. In the UK, you can buy Co-codamol 500/12 OTC. That is the weaker form of Co-codamol with only 12mg of codeine per pill. Actually, this product is not on the pharmacy shelves in the UK but you can ask the pharmacist for it and he or she will provide it, perhaps after asking you a few questions. Another difference between the UK and the US is that you cannot buy co-dodamol online in the US whereas you can in the UK. In fact, in the UK, you can even buy Co-codamol 500/30mg online from a licensed pharmacy – get more info.


While establishments cannot provide you with painkillers over the counter, there is an alternative. Many people who cannot attain a prescription for painkillers will usually seek out the painkillers through an online source. The best online source to look at is a licensed online pharmacy. Licensed online pharmacies have the legal ability to sell you prescription painkillers.

When you do purchase online, double check that the pharmacy is licensed. Those who do not verify that the pharmacy is licensed run the risk that the pharmacy may sell dangerous products or painkillers which are laced with other substances. In addition, unlicensed pharmacies also can be fraudulent in their sales tactics. Overall, rather than try getting a prescription painkiller over-the-counter, try online resources. You’re bound to have more luck.

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Jul 23 2014

Strategies for Managing Pain

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Pain is very difficult to deal with, especially when you don’t have the tools and resources to get the relief that you need. There are many reasons as to why people suffer severe from pain. The most common reasons are sports injuries, car accidents, injuries, and chronic illnesses. When you suffering from severe pain, you are unable to work, enjoy time with family, and lead a quality type of life. To help you remedy the problem, below are a few of the most common strategies to help you manage pain.

Pain Therapy

The first option, if the pain isn’t too severe, is to try pain therapy. Pain therapy is a popular pain management technique that your doctor can help you implement. With this type of technique, you can undertake hobbies such as meditation, massage therapy, muscle therapy, and you also work with a pain management professional to help you overcome your pain. This type of strategy an effective and natural pain relief solution. In most cases, your medical professional can work with you to create a tailored and specific pain management solution so that you get the personalized help that you need. To find the right professional, speaking with your doctor is helpful.



When speaking to your doctor about pain management therapy and techniques, you can also discuss the option of painkillers. Painkillers are an extremely effective mode of management because they essentially are able to eliminate the pain that you are experiencing. Painkillers work on mild to severe pain. They are able to help eliminate pain by targeting the source of the pain. Your body has what are known as receptor cells in your brain and spinal cord. When the painkillers enter your body, they target the receptor cells and subdue the cell’s ability to issue pain compounds throughout your body. As a result, you are able to be free of pain.


Everyone has different levels of pain and certain techniques may work better than others. However, in terms of painkillers and therapy, these two options are the most effective. These options enable you to life a pain-free lifestyle and to also get the rest and relaxation that you need to heal from what ailments you are suffering from. The quicker you heal, the faster you’ll be able to spend time with family, go back to work, and enjoy some of your favorite hobbies.

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Feb 18 2014

How Do You Get Rid of Earache Pain?

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Pain comes in many forms, but if you want to talk about the annoying types of pain, then earaches are at the top of that list. There is nothing worse than feeling that painful sensation right where your eardrum is. There are a number of causes of ear pain. For example, the most common types of causes are infection, ear wax build up, sore throat, changes in pressure, sinus infection, or a foreign object in the ear. To help you with earache pain, below are some of the easiest and most effective ways to rid of the pain.

Over-the-Counter Pain Medication

If you are looking for a non-natural way to mitigate the pain, one very easy solution is to try over-the-counter pain relievers. Medications like ibuprofen and aspirin are extremely effective in supressing all types of pain, including the kind that causes your ear to ache. While taking these medications will not completely rid you of the pain, it will at least give you enough time to allow the condition to either heal on its own or for you to seek a doctor.

Mullen and Garlic and Oil

For a natural remedy, you might want to try Mullen, Garlic, and oil drops that can be found at your local health store. Some researchers have indicated that this type of remedy is not only effective in ridding you of the pain, but also curing the underlying cause of the pain. To use this type of pain reliever, simply put two to three drops into your ear and keep your head titled to the side so that the drops do not spill out. You should feel less pain almost immediately.

Chiropractic Care

If the main cause of your ear pain is congestion, then chiropractic care may be the best solution. A chiropractic will be able to relax the muscles and bones around your neck that are responsible for blocking lymph fluid. Once the chiropractic clears the passage, the fluid will release and you’ll get the final relief that you are looking for. Not only will the chiropractic care ease your pain, but it can also increase blood flow and circulation for a healthier body.

Overall, the above methods are great for relieving ear pain. With their healing capabilities, you’ll be able to go through your day without the annoying sensation that accompanies an powerful ache.

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Sep 06 2013

Can You Do Anything Other Than Take Pills to Control Pain?

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If you are suffering from a painkiller addiction or are worried about developing an addiction, then one of the best solutions is to find new and different ways to safely manage your pain. These days, you don’t need to rely solely on prescription drugs to get the long lasting relief that you are looking for. To help you with your journey of independence from painkillers and drugs, below are a few proven methods that can help you control pain in a safe and natural manner. While these methods can take a bit of time and dedication, they are well worth implementing.


The healing and relaxing powers of meditation cannot be overestimated. Meditation is one of the most effective ways to keep your mind focused and sound, two elements of which lead you to give less attention to your pain. In addition, studies by the University of Massachusetts have indicated that those who meditated over a long term period of time experienced less pain caused by injury or illness than others. Therefore, taking less than an hour a day to meditate can help you control your pain.

Healthy Diet


Another way to control your pain is to implement a healthy diet. Eating foods that reduce inflammation and work to heal your muscles can lead you to experience less pain. Therefore, you want to incorporate foods like fruits, vegetables, and drinks rich in antioxidants into your diet. Try to stay away from unhealthy foods that are oily, processed, or rich in sugar and fat.

Massage Therapy

There is nothing more relaxing and calming than a good massage. Furthermore, good massages also lead your muscles to relax and your body to heal from pain. There are a number of key massage therapy techniques that you can have a therapist implement to help reduce your pain. These strategies include kneading, deep circular movements, and tapping.


Depending upon your condition, you may be able to add exercise to your healing regimen. Exercise allows the body to get back into shape and work on repairing itself in areas that are suffering. For example, if you are healing form a broken knee, stretching and going through the physical therapy process can help your body rebuild and revert back to its former state. Overall, you’ll feel less dependent upon painkillers and more reliant upon yourself to heal.

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Apr 07 2013

What Is Dihydrocodeine And Is It Different From Codeine?

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Suffering from pain and discomfort is extremely inconvenient. Both of these types of problems can affect your ability to work, get errands done, and spend time with your friends and family. For most people, the struggle is real and there are few solutions out there to get the adequate pain relief needed for a quality life. When it comes to pain relievers, many find that Dihydrocodeine or Codeine can be good methods to relieve pain. But, when it comes to choosing, the main question is what is Dihydrocodeine and if it is different from Codeine. Below is going to answer just that.


This type of prescription opiate pain killer is able to relieve moderate to severe types of pain. Taking this medication as prescribed is able to relieve pain by stimulating the opioid receptors that are located in the brain and in the nervous system. In general, if you do need this type of medication, your medical provider is likely to prescribe it to you in a low dose because it a low dose is all you need for the medication to be effective. The type of pain that this medication treats is much more severe than the type of pain you’d be able to treat with aspirin or ibuprofen. In the UK, you can buy dihydrocodeine online from a licensed pharmacy, but not in the US due to its controlled status.


By taking this medication, you can expect quick pain relief, reduced coughing, and feelings of relaxation and drowsiness.


Like Dihydrocodeine, Codeine is also a type of opiate pain killer. However, unlike Dihydrocodeine, this type of medication is more geared towards relieving severe coughs and narcotic pain relief. The main similarity between the two drugs is that both of them work by binding to the receptor cells in the brain and suppressing the feelings of pain that accompany an injury or the like. For Codeine to be effective, all you need to do is to take it in the low dose prescribed by your medical professional.

In addition, another important thing to point out is that Codeine may have a few more side effects than Dihydrocodeine. For instance, Codeine can cause sleepiness, drowsiness, and depressed breathing. It is also frequently combined with over-the-counter pain killers in order to be more effective. Therefore, if you are looking for straightforward and quick pain relief, then Dihydrocodeine may be the best option for you and your pain-relief needs. It is just important to consult a medical professional before setting up a dosage scheme.

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